SIWA pen case L

228 kr

A large-sized Japanese paper pen case that can carry many writing instruments at once.

It is perfect for carrying around 8 to 10 writing instruments, and even carrying scales and erasers. A Japanese paper pen case that is ideal for carrying colored pencils and those who want to carry plenty of writing instruments.

Since there is a partition inside, it is possible to sort the stored items. You can also store and carry your bank passbook, store invitations, tickets, cards, etc., or use it as a passport case.

The more you use it, the more the texture of Washi becomes soft and supple, wrap your precious pen and fountain pen to protect it from scratches and scratches. In addition, the YKK zipper has a larger puller, making it easier to open and close.

The material is new washi paper, hard naoron, which is extremely lightweight and has improved durability. The structure in which the seams are inconspicuous is carefully created by each craftsman sewing with a sewing machine. In addition to this "L size", this pencil case series has three types of "M size" of the regular version and "Slim" that can store only one or two pens.

Material | Hard Naoron
Property | water - and tear resistant, durable and lightweight

Size | w20 x h13.5cm 

Made in Japan

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