SIWA multi-clutch bag

980 kr

A very slim and compact clutch bag. It is the best pouch when you want to go out with a minimum of luggage such as a smartphone, wallet, and handkerchief. Use a shoulder belt to hang it on your shoulder. It is a pouch that you can use by removing the belt when dressing dressy. 

The opening is 23 cm wide. It is easy to put in and take out things that are opened wide and stored, and the thickness is 3 cm, which is very smart. In addition, it is equipped with a pocket inside to sort and store wallets and smartphones. The strap is slim with a width of 1.5 cm and has a spring-loaded locking mechanism, so it can be quickly attached and detached.

It weighs only 50 grams. Surprisingly light. Good specs for those who want to make their luggage as light as possible. This was achieved because it was made from new Japanese paper. It is gentle to the touch, durable, and resistant to water. That is the feature of the "SIWA bag" made of new Japanese paper, Naoron. Even if it rains

Each piece is completed by a craftsman sewing with a sewing machine. The strength is increased by the structure where the seams are inconspicuous and the double structure of the bag stitch. The length of the shoulder belt can be adjusted, and it was made using the same hard naoron as the main body. A pouch that can be combined with dressy clothes as well as casual clothes. A perfect gift for your loved one.

Size | w27 x h14 x d3.3 cm 
Material | Hard Naoron paper
Property | water - and tear resistant, durable and lightweight

Storage | 

Inner pocket x 2 Shoulder strap removable Buckle allows adjustable strap length Approx. 550mm-1100mm Side urethane

Made in Japan

How to care for the SIWA products

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