SIWA Flat Wallet

257 kr
It does not get in the way even in a suit or jacket pocket,
slim wallet.
Although it is thin, it is functional with storage pockets and partitions.
It does not come with a coin purse, but
When you have to change your wallet to match your bag,
A smart long wallet that is perfect for when you don't want to be bulky.
Because it can be stored together with cards, etc.
It is also useful when traveling.
It is durable, water resistant, and tastes better the more you use it.

We use Japanese paper (Naoron) with a gentle texture.

wallet 2

Small pocket (card holder) 3

Material | Hard Naoron
(A strong washi paper developed by Onao that does not tear easily even when wet.
Part of the material uses recycled PET fiber. )
Size | w19.8 x h9.5cm
Weight | 22g

Made in Japan

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