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A storage box that is useful throughout the house, such as the living room, kitchen, bedroom, washbasin, laundry room, and entrance. We used a new durable Japanese paper, Soft Naoron while maintaining a good texture. We will help you create a calm interior by wrapping up various things that give you a sense of life.

This "Box L" can be used to store potted plants in the living room, as a trash can, and as toys in the children's room. It is also convenient for storing cooking ingredients and vegetables in the kitchen. You may use this "box" after putting a plastic or metal cylinder or case inside. It is also ideal for displaying exhibits in shops and cafes.

The size is 28.6 cm on a side and 55 cm in height. It is a size that can also be used to store tall items. You can also fold the opening to lower the height. An item that makes it fun to think about various uses. A total of 5 sizes are available.

Material | Soft Naoron
Size | w28.6 x d28.6 x h55cm 

Weight | 90 grams

Made in Japan

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