SIWA bag square - S

450 kr

It can be used casually. It is a "thing container" that allows you to roughly carry things.

I made a "Wallet" made of durable Japanese paper, Naoron, as if it appeared in a movie scene, and was like a nostalgic paper shopping bag.

It's a minimalistic mobile phone bag that allows you to roughly put things in and carry them around under the armpits. Feel free to use it. After turning the opening, just snap it in with a metal snap button inside. It can be opened and closed easily. Also, since it is a bellows-type gusset, it can be folded and laid flat when there are few things to store and open when there are many things.

This compact "M" size is ideal for storing only your personal items such as wallets and card cases.

The material of the main body is "Soft Naoron" which is durable even if it has the texture of Japanese paper. The more you use it, the better it feels and the softer it becomes.

Material | Soft Naoron with snap button
Property | water - and tear-resistant, durable and lightweight

Size | w20 x h33.5 x d1.2 cm 

Made in Japan

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