Silk and wool five-toe socks

316 kr

Silk wool rounded socks are a set of two pairs of rounded socks and five-finger socks that use silk that is gentle to the skin on the inside and wool that has excellent heat retention on the outside.

* The rounded socks use elastic thread so that you can wear even one piece.

The silk on the inside has excellent moisturizing and heat-retaining properties as well as moisture-releasing properties, and because it is a component close to human skin, it is also mild to the skin.

The outer wool is made from warm and soft New Zealand merino wool, so it feels good against the skin and keeps your feet warm.

Since the toe socks do not use elastic threads, they are not comfortable to fit or stretch well, but they are luxurious socks that use 100% silk and wool threads.

By inserting a thick rubber thread in the ankle so that it does not feel tight, the specifications are such that it does not easily slip off to the toes during use.

The rounded socks use elastic threads for the fabric, so they fit your feet gently.

Also, by using inner silk and outer hair, you can expect the same effect as layering silk and wool with one piece, so even one pair is warm and recommended for those who are not good at wearing multiple layers of socks.

size | 23-25cm ( EU36 - 39.5)

material | 

Rounded socks
61% wool, 28% silk, 10% nylon, 1% polyurethane
Toe socks
72% wool, 28% silk

made in Nara, Japan

You can use the washing machine for this product, but be sure to use the laundry net before using it.
(For long-term use, we recommend hand-washing (push-washing) or washing in the washing machine's hand-washing mode.)

In addition, since this product uses a material dyed with natural fibers, dark colors may fade.
Please wash separately from white goods.
Please avoid using chlorine bleach or tumbler drying as it may cause severe shrinkage and damage to the fabric.

After washing, please shape it and dry it in the shade.

* Please note that silk products absorb uv (ultraviolet rays) and discolor quickly, especially when dried in the shade.

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