"Shitakawara" Pottery's Earthenware Doll |wild swan

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By Yuki Nishio    ONLINE exclusive
It is a clay doll with the motif of the world of fairy tales.

The clay doll designed and prototyped by Mr. Nishio
Masashi Abo, who inherited the Shitakawara pottery doll in Aomori Prefecture, finished it.

These dolls first appeared during the latter half of the Edo Period (1603-1867) in the Chikuzen Region of Kyushu, where Kinzo Takaya learned the art of ceramic making. He was then employed by the Tsugaru clan, who built a kiln for him at Shitakawara.
These dolls enjoyed popularity during the Meiji period (1867-1911), but with the increase of toys made from newer materials like tin, their popularity declined during the Taisho period (1911-1925). Despite these periods of ups and downs, they are still being made to this day.
Red earth and sand are mixed together to form clay, which is put into the plaster to shape the doll. It is then fired at a temperature of about 800 degrees for several hours and then painted to create the finished design.

size | 4 x 7.5 x h7.5cm
material | Pottery

Made in  Japan

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