Sennokoto Linen embroidery bento bag | Shima

414 kr

People and animals are embroidered using a straight stitch machine, but each person's expression, whether grumpy or unfriendly, is unique, and first of all, it invites laughter.

If you look closely, you can see that there are puddles of thread in various places that occur when the top and bottom threads are uneven. By fine-tuning the stitching density and thread tension, the unevenness of the thread that appears by chance is used to give each character a moderate amount of looseness.

The solid part of the pattern is repeatedly sewn and piled up to make it tick, and the rich expression of the thread is shown in contrast to the soft lines.
The more we looked at it, the more my heart danced, and in fact.

The product range includes small items around lunches made of linen material.

In machine embroidery, the same embroidery is repeated according to the program input, so the big problem was how to create the fun of irregular outcomes, which is the fun point of the product. 

size | Width 29.5 x depth 12 x height 18.5 cm (handle length 30.5 cm)

material | 100% linen (Wakayama Prefecture)

made in Japan

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