Sekibokka saucer|Ice Blue

175 kr

clear blue. It is reminiscent of the scenery where the ice blocks shine blue through the light. The fine intrusion on the surface is also a feature of this color. It's a blue that leaves a lasting impression.

All processes such as kneading, molding, glazing, and firing are done by hand by our own craftsmen. Please enjoy the warmth and taste that comes from handwork.

size |  M 8.5 x h0.5 cm , L 9.5 x h0.5cm
material | pottery 

Made in Japan

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〇 Since this product is all made by hand, there may be slight individual differences in shape.
〇 There are individual differences in color. This is because when fired in a kiln, different colors are created depending on how the flame hits.
〇 We would appreciate it if you could understand and enjoy these characteristics as a taste unique to handmade products.

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