tea incense burner set

569 kr

A tea incense burner is a traditional tool for enjoying the aroma of tea. This set is made from the famous brand of pottery, Mino ware, and comes with a set of fragrant Mino Shirakawa tea from Higashishirakawa village in Gifu prefecture, so you can enjoy the tea incense burner the same day you receive it.

The simple and rustic design does not get in the way of modern interiors and matches various types of rooms.

It comes in a proper box, so it is also recommended as a gift for your loved ones.

The tea incense burner is gentle and naturally soothing to all Japanese people, even if you are not good at artificial scents such as aroma oils and incense.

Heating the green tea also deodorizes the room. Easy to use, just put tea leaves on a plate and light a candle.

If you run out of tea and candles, store-bought ones are fine.

Heated tea can also be enjoyed as Hojicha, so why not start your life with a tea incense burner here? It's nice to be able to make effective use of tea that has passed its expiration date.

Size | φ107×H110mm
Material | Pottery, heat-resistant pottery
Set contents | Tea incense burner body, 1 tea light (candle), 20g tea leaves for tea incense burner

Made in Japan

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