RED Mushroom Stool Special Edition | TENDO MOKKO

12.288 kr
An award-winning stool that won the first Tendo Mokko Furniture Competition held in 1960. 
At that time, production had been agreed due to technical problems, but commercialization was realized in 2003 after 40 years of time. 
A complex form combining three molded plywood in the same shape as a twist is unique like no other. Its unique shape has an attractive form as an object. It is a stool that harmonizes with Japanese and Western living. 
It uses teak wood which is one of the three major woods in the world. A fine wood with a beautiful shade of amber and stripes.

Design by YAMANAKA design office

material | white ash (Natural) / Nara wood / Teak
dimensions | w45.4 x 45.6 x h38.5, sh38.5 
weight: 3.2 kg
TENDO MOKKO | Mushroom Stool  
■ For order production, about 1 to 2 months from application to delivery. 
■ We can not accept cancellations or returns after receiving your application for order production. Please acknowledge it beforehand. 
■ Made in Japan

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