Water repellent eco bag

400 kr

Water repellent eco bag
Made in Japan with Funabashi Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of Nagoya city, which handles professional rain gear, boots, and fire and disaster prevention supplies of government agencies. DuPont's Teflon-treated fabric with excellent water-repellent and anti-fouling properties protects your bag and luggage from rain.

Rain cover to protect your luggage
To prevent rain from getting inside, I put on a cover cloth that can be fastened with buttons. When used as an eco bag, it can prevent things from being seen inside and prevent luggage from jumping out due to centrifugal force while driving a car.

Two ways to hold and both hands are not blocked
It is inconvenient if both hands are occupied by an umbrella and a bag in the rain. The handle is covered here so that you can carry it with your hand and the shoulder.

Material | Body  100% nylon , button plastic

size | 35 x 37 x 11cm

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