Palm pot|Ice Blue

540 kr

Clear blue. It is reminiscent of the scenery where the ice blocks shine blue through the light. The fine intrusion on the surface is also a feature of this color. It's a blue that leaves a lasting impression.

*Intrusions are fine cracks that occur in the glaze. It is produced during cooling after firing. The penetration creates a rich scenery in the glaze. In addition, there are individual differences in the performance of penetration.

[Special color]
Due to the rarity of the glaze and clay used, this color is a special color for small-lot production.

as if to gently embrace

Palm means "palm". Palm, which is hand-made by our own craftsmen, has the warmth and taste unique to handwork, and wraps around any plant in a round, gentle manner.

The molding uses a technique called hand-twisting. Although it is not as elaborate or standardized as molds, each one has its own individuality and irregular fluctuations are born. I believe that it is precisely because of this "slight imperfection" that it blends well with natural objects such as trees and moss, creating a finished appearance that does not feel out of place.

There may be other ways if you want efficiency. However, we would like to continue to take responsibility and stick to creating works with our own hands. We would appreciate it if you could feel the warmth of handwork when you pick up the product.

size | 9.5 x h6 cm 
material | pottery 

Made in Japan

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〇 Since this product is all made by hand, there may be slight individual differences in shape.
〇 There are individual differences in color. This is because when fired in a kiln, different colors are created depending on how the flame hits.
〇 We would appreciate it if you could understand and enjoy these characteristics as a taste unique to handmade products.

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