MOKU Light Towel

138 kr
MOKU is an unprecedentedly functional towel designed to be easy to use in a variety of everyday situations, such as travel, sports, and the gym. The exquisite ease of use, which is more than a tenugui and less than a towel, gradually gained popularity, and before we knew it, it had become a best-seller in 2022.

If you are traveling or in a public bath or other place where you can't wash your clothes right away, towels that won't dry can be a problem. MOKU uses fine-count yarn with excellent breathability and Contex's unique weaving technique to achieve quick drying, drying in about an hour and a half depending on the season. This is the fastest drying capacity among our products.

It's thin, it's smooth... I wonder how MOKU's water absorption power is? ? I often get asked this question.

In addition to being made of 100% cotton, it has been carefully removed from impurities by skilled workers in Imabari, so it absorbs more than enough water. And since it can be squeezed out easily by women and children, you can regain its water absorption power as many times as you like in a short period of time. In a sense, there are some minimalists who go to public baths and saunas with just one MOKU because they can wipe it endlessly.

Normal face towels are approximately 80cm long, but MOKU is set at 100cm, which is close to the length of a tenugui. This 20 cm is surprisingly convenient. If a normal towel is 100cm thick, it loses its compactness and good water resistance, but this length is perfect for MOKU's thin fabric and usage scenarios.

material |  Cotton 100% 

size | 33 x 100cm

made in Japan (Imabari)

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