MOKU Cotton socks | Red

261 kr

We made socks using the same thread as MOKU light towels, which are popular for their ease of use.
By using a sports socks knitting machine, they are durable and tear-resistant, and they have rubber from the arch of the foot to the top of the foot to prevent them from slipping.

From the toes to the heel and ankle, the short pile has increased density to provide a secure fit over the entire sole of the foot. It exhibits the shock-absorbing cushioning properties unique to pile, and the sweat-absorbing properties inherent to cotton.
MOKU socks, which are neither too thick nor too thin, match MOKU light towels and are recommended for outdoor activities.

The same careful washing process as towels.

After weaving, we carefully wash them using special equipment similar to towels, using underground water from Mt. Ishizuchi, which is also used for drinking water.
This step, which is not part of the normal sock production process, does not impair the cotton's natural softness and absorbency, allowing it to quickly absorb sweat from your feet and keep you comfortable.

material | Cotton Pile 85%, Polyester 10%, Nylon 3%, Polyurethane 2%

size | S-M  22-24 cm , M-L  25-27 cm

made in Japan

※ Handwash method in  40 ℃.
* If you use a washing machine, please put it on the net.
* Do not bleach.

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