Minoyaki Kujira whale (20.7cm) Ramen Bowl

323 kr

The tableware that brings joy, as a gift or for ourselves to enjoy, must be the best selling whale bowl

Please note that each piece vary as they are made by hands.

Size | Approx Ø20.7 x H7.8cm | Capacity 1150ml
Material | porcelain (Minoyaki)
Place of origin | Gifu Prefecture, Japan

Microwave |OK
Dishwasher | OK

*The actual color may differ slightly depending on your computer or smartphone.
*The color, size, and weight of the finished product may vary depending on the kiln and temperature conditions due to the nature of pottery.
*This product may have glaze drips (traces of glaze that have been applied to the vessel) and uneven coloring.

*The Whale series is treated with a water-repellent finish after the pattern is applied with a paint called gosu. Although there may be a slight discrepancy between the gosu and the water-repellent coating, we will ship the product as a good quality.

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