Mesh cup | Marianne Hallberg x seto

584 kr

A little luxury from Sweden to Japan and back to Sweden.
The collaboration collection of Marianne Hallberg x Seto ware, this is the Seto ware version of the Swedish ceramic artist Marianne Hallberg’s masterpieces!
The flowing and shaking blue drawing lines of 3 dimensional objects gives the feeling of sketching down the things you once loved and wish to preserve.
The unique blue called Marianne Blue. Even the blue bleeding and the texture of the pottery are delicately reproduced in Seto ware, and it is a finished product only with traditional Japanese techniques. The kiln is one of the representative kilns of Seto ware that established since the Taisho era.

Size | Φ9 × H10cm
Material | Semi-porcelain (Seto ware)

Made in Japan

* The size is just a guide, and there may be some errors depending on the measurement location.

* Microwave oven and dishwasher can be used.

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