Mame Cocolan Daruma Lantern

658 kr

A small lantern like a folk toy “Tanbura” Daruma

This palm-size lantern named "mame cocolan" was created with traditional skills of Bon chochin, a lantern for Bon Lantern Festival of deceased ancestors, inspired by simple and charming folk toys tempting us to possess one.

Shiraki Kogei has been producing and developing Yame-chochin lanterns which originated from Buddhist religious objects. they introduce an item making you smile with a little Japanese humor. It is needless to say that it functions as a light.

Yame, Fukuoka prefecture, is one of the leading regions where Bon chochin lanterns are produced. Bon chochin is an essential object decorated in front of a household Buddhist alter.

Yame-cochin lanterns, products made in Japan, are
carefully handmade by craftsmen in Yame.

Size | Body, H 13 × W 11 cm

Shade |  Hidaka Japanese paper
Base | Beech wood from Kyushu

Lighting specifications
・High brightness LED
・Continuous lighting for 50 hours
・Button battery  LR41x 3

*Because it is made by hand, there are individual differences in facial expressions, color shades, and shapes.

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