Lana Cotton bath Towel

466 kr
Lana, which means knit in Italian, is a special product with a soft touch that does not remind you of a towel and a gentle bulge with a sense of security.

Practical with perfect water absorption and quick-drying properties.

Lana is made from the natural softness of cotton, from thread selection to weaving, design, and post-processing. It looks like wool, but it is made of 100% cotton, which is gentle on the skin, and has excellent water absorption.

Since there is no pile and it is highly breathable, it dries much faster than ordinary towels and is very practical. You have to dry the room, and you can dry it indoors with confidence even during the rainy season.

material | 100% cotton

size | 55 x 110cm

made in Japan (Imabari)

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