Key Holder | FORM x AMABRO

175 kr
A brass key chain that ages beautifully as you use it. The point is the engraved charm.A product series created in collaboration with FORM Masanobu Hanari, a metal artist active in Osaka. The concept is the furnishings of a fictitious design hotel that is rough and unpretentious. While making the most of the world view created by Mr. Hanari and the charm of the materials,
It has been incorporated into a mass-produced product. Parts made of brass and iron that deepen the taste as you use them go beyond the scope of daily necessities and give off a quiet presence.

Designer | Masanobu Hanazato

In 2006, he started working as "LOOP various metal art" in Itachibori, Osaka. We consistently design, produce, and install products that make the most of the features of metal, according to the concept of the space "era / region" and atmosphere. We handle a wide range of products, from store fixtures to objects and furniture for home use, all handmade. After familiarizing yourself with the characteristics and properties of the material, ease of processing, strength, weight, etc., we make full use of special metal processing technologies (rust processing, antique processing, polishing processing, wrought iron processing) and express it in ready-made products. We produce attractive and original products that cannot be overwhelmed.

size | w8.3 ×h2.3 cm
material | brass
Made in Japan

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