Kenzan For IKEBANA

157 kr

Kenzan (剣山) is made of a high-density base, and the brass nails pointed upward are fixed at a certain distance and regularly arranged.

Kenzan makes the base of the flower arrangement look invisible because of its small size to highlighting the theme of flowers.

Using Kenzan instead of plastic foams can reduce the consumption of other materials. Reusable and eco friendly.
A good Kenzan will never rust and can be used for a very long time.

A smart tips is, before you start the flower arrangement, make a cross cut at the end of the branch, that cross incision can expand the insertion area, disperse the insertion force, and reduce the damage to Kenzan.

Before arranging flowers, put the Kenzan in the flower container, add water until the needles of Kenzan are covered, now you can start .

Flower arrangement using Kenzan absorb water better than those inserted in the flower mud, and the life of the flower will last longer.

Size | Approx mini Ø4.6 x H1.7cm, small Ø6.1 x H2cm, Medium Ø7.1 x H2

                        Large Ø8.4 x H2.1cm, rectangular w8.3 x d5.3 x h2cm

Material | brass

Made in Japan

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