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589 kr

A pot with a handle to a familiar shape lemon squeezer. Freshly squeezed juice can be served directly to the table.

The material is Amakusa pottery from Kumamoto Prefecture. It is made of pure domestic porcelain, which is baked at the base of Hasami-cho, Nagasaki Prefecture.

The groove is as sharp as possible. The shape of the iris was designed by repeating experiments so that the last drop could be drawn down easily. The seeds remain in the saucer, so only the juice can be filtered off cleanly.

The pot part has enough room to receive 1 lemon juice. You can also make  dressings, sauces directly in combination with squeezed fruit juice and soy sauce, sake and soup stock.

Also, the spout on the pot part is thinner than the other parts of the body, making it a well-cut and a non-dripping structure.

For spring and summer, we can make juice every morning. In autumn and winter, it is also active in cooking hot pots such as homemade ponzu. It is a daily use juicer useful for making Japanese, Western, Chinese, ethnic and all kinds of dishes.
material | Amakusa pottery stone, limestone
manufacturing | Shiratake Pass (Nagasaki Town, Nagasaki Prefecture)
design | Osamu Saruyama GUILLEMETS + SARUYAMA prototype
size | w 14 × d 9.5 × h 10.7 cm
volume and weight | 240ml · 280g remarks |
microwave safe, dishwasher safe

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