Hyakuraku-Kou Palosanto incense | Kousaido

183 kr

A high-quality incense made from carefully selected natural sandalwood and other ingredients. It is a long type, so it can be used in front of the altar or in the room.

[Palo Santo] A slightly sweet, refreshing scent that makes you feel like you are in the forest.

40 incense sticks with 1 aluminum incense holder
Stick length | 13.6cm
Burn time | Approx 20-30 minutes

( Burn time listed above may vary with conditions )

Size | Exterior: Approx. 35×20×157mm

Made in Japan

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Instructions and cautions for use of incense.
- Light only one end of the incense and gently blow out the flame for smoldering.
- Always place the burning incense securely in or onto an appropriate heat-resistant and non-flammable burner or holder with an ash catcher.
- Because ash falling outside of the burner could be hot enough to cause a hazard, make sure all incense ash falls on a fireproof surface.
- Keep both unlit and burning incense out of reach of children, pets, and any other innocent curiosity.
- Avoid storing the incense under high temperature, high humidity, or direct sunshine.
- Take proper fire safety precautions and never leave burning incense unattended.

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