Horizontal Wooden Tool box | NAKAGAWA MASASHICHI SHOTEN

1.334 kr


Customizable for Your Lifestyle

Crafted in collaboration with Ganankai Woodworking Co., Ltd., renowned for their expertise in joinery and a leading manufacturer of wooden emergency boxes nationwide, we present our original wooden toolbox. Its intentionally shallow yet wide design makes it easy to find items inside, making it perfect for storing tools, stationery, sewing supplies, and other small items.

Versatile Partitioning

The toolbox is assembled using traditional mortise and tenon joints, ensuring durability without the use of screws. You can customize its interior with two removable compartments and four adjustable dividers, allowing you to tailor the storage space to your needs.

Natural Wood Finish

Made from natural Ash wood, its gentle wood grain blends seamlessly into any home environment. Coated with Osmo oil, it protects the surface while allowing the wood to breathe, preserving its natural appearance. Silver-colored hardware and delicate handles add a rustic yet warm accent.


size | 34.3  x 14 x H7.7 cm
material | Main body: Natural ash wood / Bottom: Lauan plywood, Surface coating: Clear oil finish
weight | Approximately 790g
contents | Includes: 2 inner boxes, 4 dividers

specifications | Surface coating: Clear oil finish

Made in Japan


  • This product includes the toolbox body only. Contents are not included, please take note.
  • As this product is made from natural materials, the color and scent of the wood may change over time.
  • Please refrain from using this product for purposes other than its intended use.
  • When carrying, be sure to securely fasten the latch and other fasteners.
  • Insufficient closing or forgetting to close properly may cause contents to spill out or damage hinges.
  • Periodically check screws such as hinges and fasteners to ensure they are not loose, and tighten them securely if they start to loosen.
  • To prevent discoloration, deformation, or corrosion, avoid using near heat sources, direct sunlight, areas with high moisture, or directly exposing to air conditioning or heating.
  • Please avoid using in high temperatures and humidity.

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