HASAMI Soy Sauce Bottle

356 kr

A unique "Ishikoro" series reminiscent of Kawahara no Ishikoro.
The relaxed and humorous shape creates a calm atmosphere on the dining table.
Each item has a different shape, just like there are no identical shapes in nature.
"Soy sauce sashi" can be used for various meal scenes depending on the number of people around the dining table and the contents.
The humorous design, which looks like two stacked shikoro, changes the impression slightly by changing the direction of the cover.
The 3 color variations are fun to use in combination with each other, and it is convenient to identify the contents even when using the same item together.

Not limited to soy sauce and vinegar, it is a versatile bottle that can be used for olive oil and other seasonings.

size| w8 × h7 cm 
capacity | 80 ml

material  | porcelain 

Made in Japan

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