HARITE / hand crip

293 kr

If you write in kanji, you ’re a tense
As its name suggests, it has a hand shape.
From the top, it is a memo clip with a
simple hand shape, but in fact the one finger is bent at the second joint.
Lift your hand over the bent part
and pinch the paper with a sash as if you were holding a hand .
There is a magnet on the back so you can stick to various things.
The idea of ​​bending fingers came from the factory.
Items that have been trial and error with the factory until the end.
However, it is a fun item that will make you feel uneasy thanks to spending time.

Designer Kazuaki Murazawa

Material | Stainless cypress (stainless steel: Tochigi Prefecture, cypress: Gifu Prefecture)
size | w100.5mm × d100.5mm × h12mm

Made in Japan

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