HAREKUTANI Cat chopstick rest

147 kr

Explore the enduring elegance of Kutaniyaki, a beloved Japanese porcelain style celebrated for its meticulous artistry and enchanting motifs.

Hailing from the venerable Kutani village in Japan, this revered tradition boasts a heritage dating back to the 17th century.


Delight in the charm of a chopstick rest featuring distinctive cat ear silhouettes, complemented by an adorable cat motif in the upper picture.

Despite its petite size, this piece serves as an ideal vessel for seasonings like salt and pepper, making it perfect for presenting condiments.

With its irresistible cuteness, it also doubles as an excellent gift choice, sure to captivate any recipient.

Size | About W3.7 x D7.1 x H0.8 cm

Material | Kutaniyaki Porcelain

Made in Japan

Use & Care

  • Wash well after use and store after drying thoroughly.
Color and size may differ slightly from the images due to the nature of ceramics.

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