Fuku COCHAE | Furoshiki | Daruma Red

175 kr

Daruma was the former practice of the founder the Zen sect, Ambassador Daruma; a traditional figure of Japan - it is said that the Daruma rises even if you kill many times and it will always rise again even if you defeat it - in other words, the Daruma always wins. This wrapping clothes can be wrapped in four alterative directions so four different expressions can be enjoyed.

size | 48 x 48cm
material | 100% cotton
Made in Japan

FUKU COCHAE has a Japanese lucky charm (happy motif) printed on a Furoshiki. These unique patterns create enjoyment in opening and wrapping. The face that is seen changes depending on the shape of the wrapping. Wrapping for gift is good but also so is wrapping a lunch box. This series brings a smile to everyday life and a playful Japanese spirit.

Design unit Jikuhara Yosuke and Miki Takeda work on the theme of “playing with play”. In 2003, in the classic world of origami, they produced graphic origami with key words “origami is more pop!” Currently they are conducting a wide range of design activities including designing with a new viewpoint, development of toys, workshops at museums and the like.
Origami puzzle “Funny face card” won the Good Design Award 2008.
Since 2008, he is a part-time lecturer at Kyoto Art and Design University. The origin of cochae (quotient) is cited from the traditional folk song “Okayama drum song (Cochaebushi)” of Okayama prefecture where he is from. The word “Kacha-e, Kacha - e” is a slang word popular in the Tenpo era and is a musical accompaniment word with multiple meanings such as “Please come here” and “This is good”.

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