Flowing Cloud|Ice Blue

239 kr

A saucer with a motif of fluffy flowing clouds.
Please enjoy the decoration with a calm feeling of floating by placing Ishiki flowers on it.

If you have a saucer, the atmosphere will change a lot. Not only pots and plants, but also plants will surely be happy if you decorate them stylishly with saucers and fixtures.

Even plants that can't go anywhere on their own can ride on clouds and go somewhere far away. You may feel that way.

It is greenish blue with a cool impression. It has fine cracks that are unique to the glass quality = "penetration" and shows a beautiful expression.

size | 12 x 7 cm 
material | pottery 

Made in Japan

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- This product is completely handmade. Each one is slightly different in color and shape, but please understand that it is a "taste" unique to handmade.

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