Embroidery Tote bag Peony | Matsuo Miyuki

542 kr


Introducing a delightful item featuring cats, illustrated by Miyuki Matsuo and brought to life with colorful embroidery. This tote bag is perfectly sized for everyday use, comfortably fitting an A4 clear file. 

Enjoy a touch of whimsical artistry in your daily essentials with this beautifully designed and practical accessory.

Miyuki Matsuo:

Discover Miyuki Matsuo's captivating journey from vintage fashion to visionary illustration.

From the vibrant fashion scene of France to the creative hubs of Japan, Matsuo's transition from vintage clothing buyer to acclaimed illustrator has been nothing short of remarkable. Her distinctive artwork graces the pages of magazines, books, catalogs, and a wide array of home decor and accessories.

We are thrilled to present a curated selection of Matsuo's enchanting illustrations, expertly printed on tote bags and masking tape. Dive into her whimsical worlds, where each piece tells a captivating story filled with charm and imagination.

material | Cotton 100%, Embroidery Thread: 100% Acrylic Fiber

size | 32cm x 37cm

Important Notes:

  • Due to the manufacturing process, there may be slight design misalignments and weaving irregularities.
  • The design is expressed through embroidery. You may notice thread skips, color variations, and minor inconsistencies or fraying in the embroidery. These are considered within the acceptable range of product quality.
  • Neps (fiber knots) may be present on the fabric surface. These are unavoidable in the production process and are within the acceptable quality range.
  • Sizes may vary slightly from one item to another due to the hand-sewn nature of the product.

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