Daruma Mikuji | Judo

104 kr

Under the supervision of design by Mizuno, "Sports Daruma Mikuji" wearing a competitive sports uniform was born. With a total of five types of development, including baseball, volleyball, judo, table tennis, and soccer, some of the ceramic daruma dolls will be "a message for victory" such as "burn your fighting spirit!" However, it is written in brown (Kachiiro) = indigo, which is the winning color. In addition to amulets and gifts, it is also recommended to use an oil-based pen as a wish.

size | 3.5 × 3.8 x h5 cm

material | Body: Ceramic / String / Omikuji: Paper

Made in Japan

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How to draw eyes?
It is said that painting the left eye of a Daruma doll first when you are making a wish. Drawing eyes signifies “opening of a Daruma doll’s mind’s eye”. To paint Daruma’s eyes is to put its soul into it. Daruma will fight for your wish to get the pupil on the right eye. So, when you wish come true, don't forget to paint the other eye for Daruma!

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