Crayons of the Seas

329 kr

These are crayons made from the color of the earth in satellite photos taken from space. Selected from satellite photos of the world's oceans, there has no name, but there is a reason for 12 colors. You learn the "color" of the earth, play with the "color" of the earth, and "like" the earth more. " These crayons open the door for children's curiosity a little.

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Design | cog / Masaya Ishikawa、Hokori Iinoda
Package size | W16.7×H1.9×
Weight | 121g
Raw materials | ‎Beeswax(40%), Carnauba wax, Cooking oil, Pigment, Fish oil, Vitamin

Satellite images | Planet Labs, Inc.

Made in Japan

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- We only use beeswax, animal and vegetable oils, and pigments that comply with the European Toy Safety Standard (EN71 Part3 2013), making it environmentally and earth-friendly and safe for children to use.

- Considering the "safety" of small children first, we carefully selected and developed all natural materials without using petroleum-derived waxes or synthetic surfactants so that they would be safe even if they put them in their mouths.

- A portion of the sales of these crayons will be donated to the Republic of Kiribati, which is facing the crisis of sea level rise, and will be used as a natural disaster fund to deal with damage caused by climate change.

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