Waterproof Cowhide Kiss Lock Purse | NAKAGAWA MASASHICHI SHOTEN

2.606 kr


Slim and Elegant Leather Kiss Lock Purse without Twisted Beads

A kiss lock purse using leather treated with a strong "waterproof" finish. Even if the leather gets wet, it won't stain, allowing you to use it with peace of mind. It features a pocket inside for cards, and the large opening of the clasp makes it easy to find your coins. The clasp is made flat to give it a sleek and sophisticated impression. Suitable for formal occasions as well.

Cowhide that Fits Softly in Your Hands

The natural texture of the leather remains intact, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful appearance of the leather for a long time with the waterproof treatment. The touch is very smooth and it fits softly in your hands. The fine grain on the leather surface is soft and fits comfortably.

Despite its slim design, it has a bell-shaped coin purse with gussets, four card pockets, and a large open pocket for receipts behind them. There is also a pocket behind the coin purse, making it suitable for storing important charms or IC cards. Bills are tucked into the opened wallet section.

It's habit-forming to snap it open with a click.

When you hear "kiss lock," you might think of purses with twisted beads at the opening, but here we use a thin clasp called "tenmizo osaeguchi" that hides the twisted beads. Each piece is meticulously finished by skilled clasp craftsmen, retaining a gentle roundness. The clean appearance blends well with formal scenes and is suitable for both men and women.

It has a slim form that fits easily into small bags or pants pockets.

Material | Main Body - Cowhide leather, Lining - 50% Hemp, 50% Cotton, Frame: Iron (Nickel-plated)
Specifications | Coin compartment / 4 card slots / 2 pockets
Note | Comes in a gift box (22.6×12.0×1.8cm)

size | W22cm, H1.5cm

made in Japan

Handling Precautions

- Although the leather has been treated with waterproofing, please note that it is not completely waterproof.
- Waterproof performance will diminish with use.
- Due to the natural characteristics of leather, wrinkles and scratches may be present.
- Avoid washing or tumble drying as this may cause deformation or color fading.
- Use a specialized cleaner when removing dirt.
- Apply a dedicated cream when caring for the leather.
- Avoid using benzine or thinner.
- Dark colors may fade due to water exposure or friction.
- If the leather gets wet, immediately wipe off moisture and dry in a well-ventilated shady area.
- Store in a cool, dry place away from high temperatures, humidity, and direct sunlight, ensuring adequate ventilation to maintain its shape.

Please adhere to these precautions to ensure the longevity and beauty of your purchased product.

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