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Copper is a material suitable for kettles as it has outstanding heat-conductivity, antibacterial effect, and chlorine-degrading effect. Its level of heat-conductivity is twice as much as of aluminum, five times larger than of iron, and twenty times larger than of stainless steel, and therefore, copper kettles could boil water in a relatively shorter time.

The kettle changes its color into a more profound amber color through use and its texture is enhanced over time (example of secular change). It increases in value through everyday use.

The spout and the body are made through manual welding. It is a life-long kettle with which users can enjoy growing it. *A stopper has been added to prevent the handle from falling over.

Manufacture | Shinko Metal (Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture)
Material | Copper (internal nickel plating)
Size | W20 x D17.5 x H24 cm (15cm including handle, lid knob)
Capacity | 2.18L

Made in Japan

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