Choku cup | Tako karakusa | amabro

550 kr
CHOKU cups has a long history back in the Japanese food culture in Japan. The classic choku (meaning: pig mouth) cup is often used as a sake cup or teacup in Japan. It is also used for serving soba noodle dressing or as a bowl for steaming food.   
These modernised Arita "CHOKU" cups were made by the collaboration between Arita-yaki locals and amabro. 
A rework of the 17th century pattens, but this time, with added elements that signify Amabro.   
All patterns are hand-printed on the cup by experienced artisans.  
From birthdays to graduations to weddings, these cups are prefect as a gift.   
size | φ8 x h 6.5 cm 
material | porcelain  
Made in Japan 
oven : ×
microwave oven : ×
dish washer : ok 
caring instruction :
  • The tableware with gold paintings are NOT microwave oven safe. (“Celadon” and “Iron glaze” of “CHOKU” series are microwave safe)
  • The colour may change if you put sour food in the Arita soba cups for a long time.
  • After use, please dry the plates completely. 
  • Wash with neutral detergent and soft sponge after use fot the long lasting shine of the gold painting.

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