CERAMIC pillow | meow

1.551 kr

How about indulging in the comfort of a sleek ceramic pillow? Originating from the Seto region in the late Meiji period, these porcelain pillows blend tradition with modernity. Simply rest your head upon it for a serene experience. Its versatile design adds a touch of sophistication to any interior, making it an ideal choice for both comfort and style.

Material | Ceramic Setoware
Size | Approx. H13.5 x W29cm

Made in Japan

*Given its ceramic composition, please be aware that it may feel firm or uncomfortable to some individuals.
*Should it not provide the desired comfort for your body, it's advisable to use it as a decoration.
*As a ceramic product, it is susceptible to breakage upon impact. Kindly handle it with care to prevent damage.

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