Cast iron Flower Vase

336 kr

This series expresses the world of small sand mold casting. We aimed for manufacturing that required sand skin beauty with a simple mold that compacted sand.We made a small casting accessory that we hope can change the atmosphere of your room a little.

size | 4 x 4 x h4cm

material | cast iron
made in Japan

“Chushin kobo” is a studio proposing the traditional beauty of casting transmitted to Japan due to Masuda's design to today's lifestyle.
Traditional crafting is not inherently conservative, but in that era it is a very innovative combination of hard and soft.
As a living tool that traditional craft gives richness and happiness to people's lives, a new tradition can be built by having modernity.
Chushin kobo is a creative workshop that creates a universal design centering on castings with seeds of Japanese culture.


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