Bookend | Arch

1.103 kr

Bookend | Birds Feet

Size | W110 × D80 × H170mm
Weight | 760g
Material | Cast Iron (Nambu Tekki)
Design | Tadahiro Baba

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Tadahiro Baba is a leading designer of Nambu Tekki (cast iron) products. The craft is more than 900 years old and was first conceived in the Northern Japanese city of Morioka. Baba’s designs are characterized by fluid shaping with a distinctive modern edge and expressive character. He creates tools for daily use, with high regard for the source materials he works with - iron sand, river clay, charcoal and lacquer.

Tadahiro Baba was born in Nagano city in 1930, Tadahiro Baba graduated from Department of Crafts at Tokyo University of the Arts. He produces mainly metal tools for daily use, and designs products with traditional craftsmanship, while bringing out the best of the materials. Tadahiro Baba's work is famous for its expressive character. Currently based in Nagano and Tokyo, he continues working enthusiastically to create a variety of products from tableware to monuments.

Nambu Tekki

Nambu Tekki epitomizes the endurance of traditional Japanese brands. This celebrated local specialty was developed during the Edo period in Nambu Domain (also known as Morioka Domain), which is now Iwate Prefecture in the Tohoku region. Nambu Tekki traces its origins back to the 17th century, maintaining its traditions while meeting the challenges of modern design. 

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