Beauty-wash chamois leather

170 kr

Face-wash cloth made in one of the largest production areas of deer leather 

Made with the finest chamois leather of Kyon deers (the smallest species of deer), which is said to be the finest texture, this wash cloth has a size that is convenient for washing your face. Kyon's fine fiber removes dirt from the skin to every corner and gently cleans it. It is made in Kobutano, Uda City, Nara Prefecture, which boasts the world's best technology for deer leather processing and 95% share in Japan.


Beauty face wash Kyon leather

Natural ultrafine cells that gently wash the skin

Kyonseam is a material that has been used to polish high-grade musical instruments, glasses, lenses, and other items that must be handled carefully. Natural ultrafine cells gently remove dead skin cells and create smooth healthy skin. It's gentle on the skin while thoroughly removing dirt, and can be used by people with sensitive skin, even babies. 

Smooth washing feeling

When washing your face, put a foaming face-wash soap evenly, and pat it on the skin and wipe. You can feel the unique washing comfort when smooth chamois leather touches to your skin.

In addition to removing dirt, it also has the effect of supplementing moister, so it is also recommended to use it as a reusable version of oil-blotting paper. Gently press the skin with the dry chamois leather, it leaves the skin moisturized. If it becomes dirty, wash it gently with warm water and soap and dry it in the shade.

material | deer leather

size | 12x12cm

User guide:
*The surface (with the logo mark) has a  strong cleaning power, so rubbing it very strongly may damage your skin. When using for the first time, please try the back side (without the logo mark).
*Please wash before use. At that time, the dye of the mark for identifying the front and back may first melt. The dye does not harm the skin.
*After using, rinse thoroughly with warm water and dry in the shade. It will become a little hard when it dries, but you can lightly stretch it in all directions and knead it, or put it in hot water to restore the texture immediately.

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