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Depicting the surface of a pool seen during a stay in Ubud, Bali.

This is a paper bowl that envelopes air. It is possible to create various shapes by pulling them in different directions. The paper is thin and light, but when expanded it is rigid and strong enough to stand alone.

Enjoy unique works painted in the distinctive style of artist Nobuto Fukutsu, in 3D. This series of scenes from around the world is made with abstract patterns created by dripping oil paints on canvas.

NOBUTO FUKUTSU(Painter/Artist)
Nobuto Fukutsu is a Tokyo-based artist born in Miyagi Prefecture in 1969. He began his career as a film creator before taking up painting, where he developed his own technique based on the premise that ‘Everything is a collection of patterns. His unique approach embraces collaborations across genres and has gained wide acclaim at exhibitions overseas. Recent solo exhibitions include ‘Distance of Scenery’ (2018, Nani) and ‘Tokete-iku Moyo’ (2017, GALLERY AL). He has also participated in numerous joint exhibitions including ‘Sakushima Henro-Ten’ (2012, Mikawa / Sakushima Art Plan 21). In 2016 he supervised the video component of an installation by lighting designer Izumi Okayasu at Kasugataisha Museum.

size | 193mm
package size | 200×200mm
material | paper ( Mr.B Super White)

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