AIRVASE message card | Mogu Takahashi

119 kr

An air vase as a message card with images of the famous Japanese illustrator Mogu Takahashi.
The flat circle of paper can easily be modelled into various 3D shapes. It can be displayed as a solitary object or used to decorate a bowl or vase or as a wrapping paper for a present. Both sides of the paper are a different color and this contributes to a magical color scheme when looked at your object from different angles. If desired, add a personal text and send someone a special message, congratulation, gift or token of appreciation. An envelope is included.

size | 193mm
package size | w203 × h203mm

material | paper
Made in Japan

airvase 1piece, envelope 1piece, leaflet

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Mogu Takahashi (Illustrator)
Born in Tokyo in 1984. Mogu Takahashi began her career at exhibitions in Japan and abroad, expanding to illustrations for magazines, supplementary picture books, creating event visuals, and collaborations with fashion brand ‘Né-net’ and furniture brand ‘unico’. She creates animated illustrations for the theme song of NHK’s creative program ‘Noji no hirameki koubou’.

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