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Airvase is a paper object that can be made into different shapes as if molding air. Pull or push the vase to morph it into different shapes. The paper is thin and light yet has enough strength when pulled into shape to stand alone.
‘Airvase 24 COLORS’ is a new series containing airvases of 24 colors that are particularly beautiful when spread open, selected from 120 colors of NT RASHA paper from paper specialty store TAKEO. Draw pictures or make shapes freely as you would with origami or drawing paper. Create surreal shapes by layering two or more AIRVASEs together. Enjoy the ‘airvase in 24 colors, limited only by your imagination.

SIZE | 193mm
PACKAGE SIZE | W200 × H200 × D10mm
WEIGHT | 140grams
Core Material | NT RASHA
QUANTITY | 24 pcs

Made in Japan

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