After Rain Drip Coffee - 4 bags | TSUJIMOTO coffee

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After Rain Drip Coffee

[ After rain coffee ] The 19th edition is prepared with the concept of-Kitsune no yomeiri.(Meaning A fox's wedding, it is when the sun is shining but it suddenly rains)

Coffee is a drink with a mysterious power that brings us a comfort feeling and encourages us to take a step forward.

The [ After rain coffee ] recharges your mind from the rain to welcome the sun.

The 18th edition will be prepared with the concept of-Kitsune no yomeiri (Meaning A fox's wedding, it is when the sun is shining but it suddenly rains)

It features a soft sweetness like acacia honey peculiar to the white honey manufacturing method, and the scent of lime comes out secretly.
You can enjoy the change in flavour from freshly brewed to cold.

Beans origin | Dominica
Ingredients | Coffee beans (powdered)
Net. weight | 10g x 4 bags

Manufacturer / roaster | Tsujimoto coffee

[How to brew after the rain]
1. Set the drip bag correctly in a warm cup (about 240 ml full of water).
2. Transfer the boiling water to a drip pot and start extraction when the temperature reaches about 90 degrees.
3. Carefully pour 30g of hot water and steam for 30 seconds so that it blends into the entire coffee powder in the filter.
4. After steaming, draw an elliptical vortex from the center of the 2nd throw + 50g, 3rd throw + 50g, and the 4th throw + 50g (180g of hot water in total) with 1 point pouring into the center. increase.
5. Remove the drip bag from the cup in about 2 minutes and 20 seconds, tilt the bag diagonally, wait for the remaining extraction in the bag, and finish the extraction in 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Syumaba de Lourdes

Sumabade Rudes Farm is a farm and refinery founded in 2014 in the West Valley district of Costa Rica.

In the highlands over 1,600 m, various varieties such as Villasarchi, Katura, Katsui, Geisha, Lume Sudan, and Kenyan are cultivated.

At the farm, fertilization is applied so that good quality coffee grows, and the soil is made with plump soil that is well drained and easy to root.

In 2016, he won the Cup of Excellence with a high score of 93.41 points, producing excellent coffee.
Range Bourbon
Orange Bourbon is an ultra-rare variety that was first harvested in Costa Rica Sumaba in 2021 and is neither red nor yellow but orange when fully ripe.

It is a rare variety that can rarely be seen, such as "Kitsune no yome".

I had it finished by the white honey process where the flavor of the material can be felt clearly.

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