ABE Canvas Home Shoes | Wool-Lined | Lamp Black

632 kr


Babouche that is warm in winter using boa fabric. The boa fabric is used only on the back of the instep, so you can use it without feeling cramped even when wearing thick socks.

The material used is "No. 8 canvas". Due to its strength and durability and good breathability, the canvas is often used for sneakers. It is a material that is suitable for footwear that is used heavily every day.

The fabric is firm yet comfortable for the feet and soft. Due to the characteristics of the canvas, it will become softer with use.

Machine washable. It's durable, so it's a great point that you can use it for a long time while taking care of it. Choose from a 4 variety of colors and 2 sizes.

Materials | Upper: 100% cotton canvas, Core: EVA/urethane, Sole: Faux suede (60% nylon, 40% polyurethane)

• Medium 23–25 cm = EU36-40
• Large 25–27 cm = EU40-43

made in Japan

These room shoes feature a soft sole and are designed for indoor use only. Please do not wear them outdoors or on cement. Machine washable. Wash separately, as some color loss is possible. Use a neutral detergent and avoid chlorine bleach. After washing, shape by hand and air dry in the shade.

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