TONNELET round bowl S


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TONNELET is a small bowl of rice, miso soup, and main dish that you will want to pick up when you wonder what kind of bowl you should use for the last small dish. The simple and warm atmosphere and the compact shape that easily fits in the space are compatible with other vessels, making it an easy-to-use vessel. Because of its simple shape, we chose rough soil with plenty of texture. Especially, the texture of soil is often seen in the mouth. The 3.5 inch bowl is the perfect size for natto, natto, white dressing, and simmered dishes. Put some boiled beans and delicacies in a 2.5 inch bowl. Why don't you serve side dishes that support your usual dining table on TONNELET? 

size | φ7.8 / H4.6 cm / 100ml

material | Pottery (white rough soil )

microwave |OK

Made in Japan

Photos copyright by Studio M' / Marumitsu Poterie.

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