Decaf Bali Arabica Top of Top Specialty Coffee - Kenya Gachasa | Drip Coffee

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Decaffeinated coffee, selected from raw materials by TSUJIMOTO coffee and decaffeinated in Canada. A selection of single variety of Arabica coffee beans cultivated, harvested, and refined in Bali. Environmental friendly farm produces organic coffee grown without pesticides. Caffeine is removed (99.9% caffeine-free) by the "Swiss Water Process" that does not use any chemicals, so pregnant women can enjoy it with confidence. The mellow aroma is well harmonized with the deep and elegant sweetness of Wasanbon (Fine grained Japanese sugar) and the bitterness of bitter chocolate. Enjoy the pleasant aftertaste and clean taste.

Beans origin | Kenya Gachasa

Net. weight | 9g x 1 bags

Manufacturer / roaster | Tsujimoto coffee

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