Washi Paper incense is a light and portable paper incense curated by a long-established incense store in Awaji.

Washi Paper incense has been used in kimonos (like perfume), refreshing the space, and directing the scenes to enjoy the scent and to nestle in Japanese life.
This Washi Paper incense contains aroma oils that diffuse softly and are easy to carry. It can be used without lighting it.
Therefore you can light the incense when you want, by folding the paper incense  into a bellows, stand it on an incense dish, glass or porcelain plate and light the end of the paper. It burns gradually and spreads a good scent.
As you can enjoy the scent without buring it, so it is also recommended to be used in a closet or a wardrobe to enjoy the scent or use it as an aroma goods at a travel destination.

Hinoki | Hinoki scent
Yuzu | Yuzu scent

Content | 15 sheets
Burn time | About 7 minutes

size | 1.5 x 8.5cm
Made in Japan

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Always place on a glass or ceramic surface (dish or bowl) to burn. Will cause ash which is easily washed off. Do not leave while paper is burning, keep away from reach of children. 

* If you use it on a fire, use it on a non-flammable container and be careful when handling the fire.
* When you light the fire, fold the paper upside down, light the tip of the paper, and use it by blowing off the flame as soon as the fire is lit.
※ Please use for ignition by ash.
* During ignition, do not bring combustible materials immediately after use.
* Be sure to check that the remaining ashes are completely extinguished during burning.
* Avoid using near windows that are exposed to strong winds or near flammable objects.
* When storing, keep the sleeve closed in the box provided and keep away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.

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