Waffle Gauze Triple Woven Gauze Towel


Waffle Gauze Triple Woven Gauze Towel

A Japanese gauze towel that has been popular as a bath towel.
It is a size that fits well in your hand, and the soft touch is very pleasant.
It is a gauze towel that absorbs water while maintaining a comfortable feel.
This gauze towel from Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, Japan's largest towel producer, they developed a triple gauze fabric with a waffle weave in the middle layer.

This "Waffle Gauze Triple Woven Gauze Towel"
The water absorption evaluation index (* 1) is three to eight times that of normal double gauze towels (* 2).
This is the most confident work in the Imabari gauze series of Kurashiki designs!
(* Note 1) Survey by Japan Towel Inspection Association
(* Note 2) Compared to our products

size |33 x 33cm   100% cotton

made in Japan

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