TOKYO | Origami Postcard Book


The location-based origami series by origami design unit COCHAE!

Tokyo Tower, a tuna from the Tsukiji fish market–the 24 graphic motifs of the origami in this mini book are all about Tokyo now, but also imbued with the delightful atmosphere of Edo in an age long gone. These origami designs embodying many essential elements of Japanese culture make ideal souvenirs and gifts for friends overseas! Fold, decorate, and rediscover the charm of Japan. The origami paper can also be used as miniature letter paper. Here is an origami book that is fun for adults and children alike.

COCHAE ( Yousuke Jikuhara and Miki Takeda )
As a graphic design unit , COCHAE has been exploring design of play . In 2003 , they created their first origami work with pop and modern taste . In 2008 , their origami work " Funny Face Card received Good Design Award . Their activities have become more varied recently . creating playful and innovative toys and conducting workshops in museums and other institutions.

Material | Paper | Approx. 48 pages with approx. 24 origami
size | W22.5 x H13.5cm 

Made in Japan

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