SHOULDER BAG rectangle

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Minimal design with an impressive box shape
With just the right size for everyday outings, you can store your wallet, pouch or 500ml plastic bottle.
A shoulder bag that focuses on ease of storage and ease of use.
Small pockets on the inner four sides contain small items such as smartphones and key cases, and a large pocket that also serves as a partition, making it easy to organize the contents of the bag.
Thick No. 4 canvas is used for the bottom, sides and shoulders to withstand the weight.
The bag's surface and pockets are made of thin No. 11 canvas, making it a durable yet soft touch.

Inner pocket x large 1, medium 2, small 2 with zipper

size |  w36 × d10 × h18 cm
shoulder strap length: about 60 ~ 120 (cm) ※ Adjustable
weight | About 360g
materials  | 100% Cotton (No. 4, No. 11 cotton canvas)

◇ on the characteristics of the weave of a shuttle loom, there is the case that irregularities and uneven weave on the edge or surface of the fabric has occurred. Please note as a characteristic of the fabric.

Product characteristics (Please read)
Kurashiki canvas fabric has a unique texture unique to canvas woven with a shuttle loom.

・ Thread joints and weaving steps (horizontal streaks and yarn knots) may occur.
・ Small protrusions and depressions may be formed on the canvas ears (selvage).
-Fading due to sunburn, discoloration due to rain, sweat and friction may occur.
Kurashiki canvas fabric is 100% cotton

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